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    13-Year-Old Publishes His First Novel

    13-Year-Old Publishes His First Novel

    King’s School pupil Aaryaa Premanand has published his first book at the tender age of just 13.


    The fantasy author started writing ‘Charlie and the Magical Money Tree’ when he was just eight-years-old and a pupil at St. John’s Primary School in Macclesfield.

    Aaryaa explained how it developed: “It started as a simple two-page essay with a beginning, a middle and an end that I wrote in class.


    “In Year 5, I expanded it to 80 pages and then last February I decided to develop it further and it grew into a 236-page book. I just got new ideas and started to weave them into the story. I really enjoyed the process. Time just flies when you’re writing. I thought it had taken me about a week to complete the final stage of the book, but actually it took a month and a half. You cannot be daunted by size of the task; if you believe you can do it, it will be much easier to achieve”

    Brilliant student Aaryaa, who left his birthplace in Chennai in India aged just two-years-old when his father, an IT consultant, was posted to London, starts his story in Oxford where Charlie discovers an old mirror. However, it’s no ordinary mirror and behind it lies a portal to mythical, mystical world inhabited by the good, the bad and the ugly. Meeting elves, dragons and dwarves along the way he discovers a money tree that grows bank notes from its leaves and so it becomes his mission to return the tree to its rightful owner on an Arabian mountain.


    Aaryaa added: “My style owes a lot to the Narnia series and to Tolkien’s The Hobbit; I just love to let my imagination roam.” Aaryaa submitted the book to various publishing houses but it was Amazon who took up the offer and now it is up on Kindle with hard copies available from Aaryaa, through the King’s School.


    Aaryaa, who is a keen artist, also illustrated his book and self-edited, though as he freely admits, “thankfully with the help of my mum. She’s been fantastic.”

    Aaryaa wants to write more books but his dream is to pursue a career as an entrepreneur in emerging technologies.


    King’s Head of English Richard Kellett said: “Charlie and the Magical Money Tree is a remarkable achievement for one so young. It has a sophisticated plot and an imaginative writing style. To complete such a tome at the age of just 13 is quite astonishing and we hope it will be the first of many Premanand novels.”


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