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    King's Wins Outstanding Delegation at Model United Nations

    King's Wins Outstanding Delegation at Model United Nations

    Tomorrow’s international negotiators got to grips with global politics when the King’s School won the Outstanding Delegation Award in the General Assembly of the Model United Nations.

    Over 20 top schools drawn from the length of the country took part in the forum, with each delegation taking the role of a specific country with its own vested interests, which very often are radically different to those of UK.  

    The seven-person team from the King’s School was tasked with arguing on behalf of Japan in the event of a pandemic and managing the distribution of a scarce cure.

    Sixth Form student Joe Hopewell, who wants to be a writer, said: “You have to examine all the arguments very carefully, see the pit falls and think quickly on the spot to make your case.”

    Josh Clayfield, who wants to study Law at University, added: “Often it is a case of arguing semantics to navigate a way to a more agreeable solution.”

    King’s Head of History Giles Barker, who oversaw King’s two delegations, said: “The award is a significant achievement and far outweighs anything else we have previously won at the Model United Nations and is thanks to the polished skills of some very experienced Sixth Form orators.”

    Giles added: “The Model United Nations not only gives young people an insight into the different global perspectives, but gives them the experience of plotting their strategy and then speaking cogently in front of an audience of 300 of their peers plus a distinguished judging panel.” 

    Pictured from left to right are Joe Hopewell, Lucie Lawton, Josh Clayfield and Peter Goodfellow. Also in the delegation were Andrea Ciocoi, Ellie Webster and Max Parks-Szymborski.

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