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    Megan to Study Anglo Saxon and Norse at Cambridge

    Megan to Study Anglo Saxon and Norse at Cambridge

    Brilliant academic Megan Whiteley will be going back to the dark ages to discover more about modern Britain.


    The 17-year-old King’s School student has earned an offer from Clare College Cambridge to read Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic to study a period that lay the foundations for much of today’s society.  


    Megan, who got a stunning straight 11 A*s in her GCSEs with a 9 in Maths, needs to get an A* and three A grades in her A Levels of German, Maths, Latin and History to go up to the second oldest of all of Cambridge’s colleges and one of the most sought after.


    She said: “I love languages and I love history and this seemed the perfect choice. The vast majority of our language and our grammar derives from pre-1066 Britain. One could also say that the ever-present North South divide emanates from Dane Law and the Viking influence in the North and the Angles in the South.”


    She said: “I am fascinated by the literature I have read from the period. Works such as Beowulf and the extended Welsh poem The Mabinogion not only offer a commentary on their lifestyle but, in what was already a Christian country, rely heavily on Pagan stories, superstition and magic to reveal the plot. It is a different way of thinking and I hope to find out more about how people lived and thought over a thousand years ago.”


    A keen musician and member of the award-winning King’s Foundation Choir, at this moment Megan is hoping to pursue a career in archaeology.


    Principal of King’s Sixth Form Richard Davies said: “We are extremely proud of Megan's achievement as she embodies the intellectual curiosity and dedication we value so much at King's.”

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