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    Orators Get on Soap Box to Reach Northern Regional Final

    Orators Get on Soap Box to Reach Northern Regional Final

    King’s School orators got on their soap box to win Round Two of the regional finals of The English-Speaking Union’s National Debating Championships.


    Tough talking duo Josh Clayfield and Ciara Allen now go to the Northern regional event hoping to become the first ever King’s students to go to the national finals.


    The subject they were proposing in the six-team event at St Francis Xavier’s College in Liverpool got to the heart of the post war politics ‘No essential service should be provided on a profit basis’ with Josh arguing on practical economic grounds and Ciara on moral sociological reasons.


    Josh, who wants to study at Law at university, said: “It’s not about renationalisation, but about moving to a system already operating in Scotland, Ireland and Wales where money made from public utilities including the trains, buses, water, electricity and gas should be all be ploughed back into the service, rather than into shareholder dividends and fat cat salaries.”


    Team mate Ciara who hopes to read English Literature then argued that healthcare and education should remain non-profitable, “It’s too dangerous and too socially divisive to be governed by the profit principle.”


    Josh, who is the King’s School Debating Society Chairperson, a society founded in the inter war years, said: “Success is down to research, confidence and preparation and the more you practise the better you get. I don’t psyche myself up before each debate but I do read and reread my notes to make sure I can instantly respond to any challenge.” Ciara added: “We get quite a lot of time to prepare, make sure we work as a team and are ready for whatever is thrown at us.”


    The King’s School Debating Society sees some 25 members meeting every Friday lunchtime to discuss the heated topics of the day.


    King’s Head of English Richard Kellett, who organised the competition entry, but leaves the running of the debating society “very much to the students themselves”, said: “This is a real test of reasoning and intellectual clout, particularly at this late stage in the competition. Anyone can prepare a convincing speech but the skill is in thinking around the issue, such that you can anticipate and respond to your opponents’ arguments instantly and decisively. I have the greatest respect for what they do.”


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