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    Trampoline Champs Win North West Finals

    Trampoline Champs Win North West Finals

    The King’s School’s trampoline high-flyers raised the roof at the North West Championships.


    A stunning 12 teams and 14 individuals qualified for the zonal heats after stunning performances at the Robin Park Sports Arena in Wigan. Under the tutelage of King’s coach Rachael Burrows, the boys and girls train for between two and seven hours each week, depending on whether they are novice, intermediate or elite level. Rachael was given a special recognition award at the last National Championships for her work with King’s over the last 12 years and for having the most pupils to qualify of any school nationwide.


    Rachael said: “The key skills are mental as well as physical. You have to be dedicated and want to strive for perfection. You need to break down even the most simple skills and practice them over and over to build consistency and perfect execution. Then you need a positive attitude and not give up when the going gets tough. They need to learn to rise up from failure and work harder to achieve next time.”


    The winning teams were: under 11 intermediate girls, under 14 intermediate girls, under 14 intermediate boys, under 11 novice girls A, under 11 novice boys and under 11 intermediate boys. Individual podium places went to: Vicky Theaker 1st, Izzy Watkins 3rd, Oliver Jones 2nd, Emily Carter 1st, Romily Hughes 2nd, Francesca Moss Seymour 3rd, Christian Smith 1st, Charlie Burrows-Jarvis 2nd, Alex Townsend 3rd, Susie Moores 2nd, Harry Pinches 1st, Simon Shadwell 2nd, Joseph Bailey-Heald 3rd, Emily Burton 3rd and Jamie Pierce 2nd.

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