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    Year 3 spend a night in a museum!

    Year 3 spend a night in a museum!

    Last Thursday, our intrepid Year 3 explorers set off early to Liverpool for their very first residential trip. Connected to both their recent and next Learning Challenge topics, the trip brought together their learning on Rivers and Egypt.

    On arrival, the children went straight into the World Museum to begin their discovery of Ancient Egypt. The children got their hands on (and in!) genuine Egyptian artefacts, which were over three thousand years old, as they became archaeologists. They then explored the amazing galleries of statues, sarcophagi and, of course, MUMMIES! They discovered that not all mummies have people inside, and that a certain dung beetle was very important to the Egyptians. They also had time in the museum’s aquarium and animal galleries before lunch.


    Here, we learned about the ferries and bridges that have crossed the Mersey estuary. We were certainly ready for dinner after time in the hands-on science experiments room. Then came the excitement of setting up ‘camp’ for the night in their bedroom – a glass observatory on the fifth floor, with breath-taking views of the Liverpool skyline. The children enjoyed a film night with hot chocolate and popcorn, and then amazingly, EVERYBODY was asleep by 10.30pm. Well done Year 3!

    Friday morning brought a welcome bacon and toast breakfast, before a Light Show and playtime. When we got back to school there were some very big hugs for mums and dads, but lots of huge smiles and stories to tell. We hope all the children had a wonderful time; they saw and learned a lot, but most importantly, gained independence skills and had an amazing shared experience with their school friends.

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