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Infant Applications

Children are not formally assessed for entry into the Infants, however children are invited in to be observed in class. Places are offered by date of application or from the Waiting List. 

Entry into King’s Juniors is by assessment and our Year 2 pupils have to satisfy the entrance requirements at that time.

The relevant dates of birth for entry in September 2017 are as follows:

Pre-School (3+) 1.9.13 to 31.8.14
Reception (4+) 1.9.12 to 31.8.13
Year 1 (5+) 1.9.11 to 31.8.12
Year 2 (6+) 1.9.10 to 31.8.11

Vacancies can arise for each age group, so please enquire at any stage of the academic year. To apply for a place, please complete a Registration Form and return it with a £50 registration fee to the Admissions office.

Registrations for the Pre-School class are accepted from birth – but not before! 

The Admissions office may be contacted on 01625 260000 or via


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