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      Future Plans


      Advisors to the School are working on exciting plans to deliver a sustainable new school on land adjacent to the Derby Fields on Alderley Road. The ‘2020 Vision’ will provide state-of-the-art accommodation that will meet the School’s educational needs well into the next century.

      The project is based on a turnkey operation, with the school’s current sites being released for housing once the new school is ready. This has the advantage of avoiding the disruption otherwise caused by major building projects on operational school sites. The school has undertaken not to relocate during a school year, so the new school will open for a September start.

      Cheshire East Planning Authority approved the School’s applications in July 2016, permitting the redevelopment of the existing sites at Fence Avenue and Westminster Road as well as the building of the new school.

      The new school will transform and centralise the School’s facilities, meeting modern educational requirements and providing school premises fit for the 21st century. Project architects are Pick Everard, who have previously worked with Leicester Grammar School to deliver a similar relocation project. The existing school sites at Fence Avenue and Westminster Road will be sold to fund the relocation to Derby Fields.

      Following the grant of planning permission, the School has marketed its sites and received a very positive response. Design work is now at an advanced stage and we have been working with a contractor to achieve an affordable financial model on the basis of site proceeds and a long-term loan. In March 2017, following a significant donation from a Former Pupil, the School purchased the 50 acres of the land adjacent to Derby Fields. More recently, the School has purchased Fallibroome Farm and paddocks. This will allow us to create a new school campus of around 80 acres, which will be amongst the largest day school campuses in the country.

      Headmaster and Former Pupil, Dr Simon Hyde says: “There is a strong educational case for co-locating all of our pupils, from Pre-School to the Sixth Form, on a new, single-site. We are extremely proud of our history and we do not wish to change either the ethos or the feel of our school, but the opportunity to redevelop our facilities is welcome. Our intention is to deliver an outstanding educational establishment, rivalling the best in Britain, with facilities that match and enhance our already outstanding academic, cultural and sporting reputation.”

      Over its 500-year history, King’s has occupied a number of different sites in Macclesfield including the parish church, School Bank and King Edward Street. The School has operated on two sites since 1992 when it acquired and refurbished the former Macclesfield High School for Girls on Fence Avenue.

      Further updates on progress will be available on this page as the School’s 2020 Vision unfolds.


      2020 Vision
      • Aerial view of new campus
      • View from West to Pavilion and (behind) the Junior School
      • Central Library
      • Senior School Entrance
      • Sports Hall, including 6 lane swimming pool
      • Central Staircase (in main foyer)
      • Sports Pavilion (with Junior school in background)
      • Central Library
      • Senior private study area in Central Library

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