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      Health & Nutrition

      We recognise the importance of nutritious meals for happy, healthy learners, and our team of dedicated chefs and catering managers, together with the school nurses and Catering Committee, work hard to offer a healthy and appetising selection of school meals.

      King’s has a long and successful relationship with its selected catering partner, Chartwells, who provide a range of nutritious, balanced menu items each day and a four week rolling menu that changes each term to incorporate seasonal ingredients. All food is cooked on site by our experienced team of chefs, which means that we are able to cater for most needs, food allergies and intolerances. We provide a vegetarian option available each day and, as we have a number of pupils with nut allergies, King’s is a nut-free zone.

      In the Infants, we provide a hot, nutritious midday meal and the cost of these is included in school fees. We practice ‘family style dining’, whereby teachers and staff dine with the children who learn the importance of good table manners, how to use a knife and fork correctly, and are encouraged to try a range of different food types.

      In the Juniors and Seniors, pupils are able to make their own selection of food from the options available and they are also able to eat with their friends in the dining halls. As well as the different options for hot meals, there is a salad bar and a ‘lite bites’ counter offering items such as paninis and jacket potatoes. Fresh fruit, soup, crudites, homemade breads, water and juice are available every day. Friday is the only day with chips on the menu – a treat for everyone at the end of the week. Junior and Senior pupils can, if they prefer, bring in their own packed lunch, still enjoying the environment of the dining hall and being with their friends.

      CS Menus Autumn 2017

      FA Menus Autumn 2017All pupils are issued with a Smart Card to purchase a school lunch and, in Seniors, a mid-morning snack. Parents use ParentPay to credit their child’s account so as to pay for meals and snacks consumed. Feedback from our pupils is encouraged and this is channeled through the Catering Committees and School Council. Each member of the School community has the opportunity to contribute to the continuing discussion of food provision.

      Cookery Skills

      Pupils are offered opportunities to participate in a range of activities to learn cooking, baking and catering skills. In both the Infants & Juniors, children are able to start their love of cooking in an after-school Cookery Club.

      In the Seniors, girls and boys can get involved in various bake-offs, cake making and decorating competitions, fundraising cake sales for charity, as well as cookery skills courses and university survival courses. Cookery Clubs and Baking Club are also on offer. Cooking skills are taught by our catering staff as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme. We also offer Year 10 pupils a MasterChef course, which teaches a range of catering skills and culminates in pupils hosting a gala dinner for parents and Governors.

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