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      Parents Survey

      Parents tell us that King’s is “outstanding”

      King’s regularly undertakes Parental Surveys to gauge levels of satisfaction with school provision and to identify any areas for improvement.

      In March 2015, an online survey was completed by 61% of parents, which is an excellent response rate and represents the parental body well across all year groups from Pre-School to Sixth Form, and with an even split of boys’ and girls’ parents.

      The results were collated and analysed by an independent research company, which was able to benchmark our data against a national data set for independent schools.

      Overall findings

      The picture this survey paints is one of high levels of satisfaction on the part of the current parent body. The school’s key areas of excellence are: the well-rounded education, the warm and welcoming atmosphere, the teaching quality, academic results, extra-curricular activities and class sizes.

      The school was rated highly on all of the general satisfaction areas and is especially highly regarded in the areas of leadership, general management, meeting parents’ expectations, provision of a conducive environment which leads ultimately to happy pupils. Furthermore, King’s has outperformed almost all of the national benchmarks where benchmarking was applied.

      The main adjectives used to describe the school were friendly, supportive, academic, disciplined and forward-looking. Most parents would warmly recommend the school to others and feel proud to be part of the school community.

      Satisfaction with school provision

      Parents are generally very satisfied with the academic provision, with respondents rating the academic results the highest, with a mean score in excess of the national benchmark. The provision of English, Maths and Science were also considered to be very satisfactory.

      • 95% of parents are very satisfied/satisfied with academic results
      • 93% very satisfied/satisfied with breadth of curriculum
      • 91% very satisfied/satisfied with the quality of teachers and teaching
      • 95% very satisfied/satisfied with the atmosphere/ethos
      • 96% very satisfied/satisfied with the well-rounded education
      • 95% very satisfied/satisfied with developing pupils’ self-esteem

      Parents were also very happy with pastoral care, relationships with peers, extra-curricular activities, individual support for children and developing pupils’ potential. King’s outperformed the national benchmarks on all these specific areas.

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