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At King’s Juniors, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum to boys and girls which aims to stimulate interest in all areas as well as fostering good work and study habits which will serve the pupils well in later life.

Throughout the Junior Department, subjects are delivered by the Form Teacher who sets expectations and establishes good working habits, with particular emphasis on laying sound
foundations in English and Mathematics. Specialist teachers deliver lessons in Music, French, PE, Games and Swimming.

As an independent school, our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum, but is broader than and goes well beyond statutory requirements. Our pupils are encouraged to take an active part in their lessons, express opinions, ask questions and develop a positive attitude towards learning.

Learning Challenge

There has been widespread press coverage of the national changes to the Primary Curriculum, with an emphasis on reasoning and problem-solving to encourage children to think for themselves and develop critical reasoning. King’s Infants & Juniors is already well ahead of the game; last September saw the launch of our new “Learning Challenge” curriculum. This includes more curriculum time for English and Maths, which underpins everything the children do, whilst leaving adequate time to explore enquiry questions to broaden the children’s experiences to acquire historical and geographical skills, alongside activities to give them life skills and resilience.


Principal of King’s Infants & Juniors, Caroline Hulme-McKibbin, explains: “This bold new approach aims to make the learning more engaging with plenty of opportunities for enrichment and independent enquiry. Each half term we decide with the children the enquiry questions and, whilst it is still early days, we have already observed greater learner engagement. The approach requires deep thinking and has been described as the curriculum for “intelligent schools”. The pupils look forward to embracing new and exciting enquiry questions each term and to continuing to set high standards for themselves to be the best they can be.” 

Gifted & Talented

A Challenge & Enrichment Programme is available to help stretch and challenge particularly gifted and talented pupils, whilst the curriculum for all pupils is enriched by school trips, visiting speakers and artists, talks by authors and other activities planned throughout the academic year. We expect our children to read each night and complete regular homework to support in-class learning.


Progress and Setting

Each child’s academic progress is assessed on a regular basis and reported to parents at Parents’ Evenings (in October and February) and in an End of Year Report. King’s Year 6 pupils are offered places for Year 7 based on their performance in internal assessments during Year 5 and the first term of Year 6. Very rarely do pupils not transfer to our Senior Divisions. Both Academic and Music Scholarships for the Senior School are available and are often won by King’s Juniors after excellent performances in examinations and music auditions. External candidates applying for Year 7 entry must satisfy the requirements of the 11+ Entrance Examination.Setting

The children are placed in sets for Mathematics to enable each child to be taught at a level appropriate to his/her ability in this vital area of the curriculum.  Other subjects are taught within the mixed-ability classes.


Year 3 pupils are given homework on three nights each week, Year 4 have four 30-minute homeworks per week and Years 5 and 6 have homework each evening (maximum one hour). 

We also expect children to read each night with a suitable type of book being selected once the teacher has had a chance to identify the child’s appropriate level.  We encourage parents to listen to their child reading as well as taking the opportunity to read out loud to them.  The Reading Record forms part of the Junior Department Planner and there is an expectation that this is signed each evening.

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