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King’s is renowned for its caring and happy atmosphere.  It is understood that a main concern of parents is that their child will have a secure environment in which to develop and this is still the case in the Sixth Form.  The small size of the division is a key factor since staff and pupils get to know each other well and enjoy excellent working relationships. 

There are usually 130 students in a year group in tutor groups of about 12 during their two years of the Sixth Form.  Students are grouped by academic similarity, with the Tutor also teaching that subject.  This structure helps immensely as Tutors are able to advise and monitor each student’s decision-making process for university applications.

Tutor Group

Tutors have over all responsibility for student well-being; including academic progress, involvement in the school, social relationships and any signs of stress or unhappiness.  They regularly discuss progress or difficulties with students and/or their parents both formally at Parent/Student evenings or informally.  A Head of Year is responsible for the general well-being of a Year Group and co-ordinates the work of the tutors. 

Our pastoral work is often not concerned with problems.  A great deal of time is spent encouraging, commending, helping, advising and taking an interest in the students.  When students do well, we make sure this is recognised.


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