Welcome to King’s Careers

 Careers advice has a high profile at King’s and its importance is clear, especially in the later stages of pupils’ school lives. The Careers Officer provides advice and guidance to both the Boys’ and Girls’ Divisions, and to the Sixth Form. The Careers Office is housed in the Sixth Form Centre, and the Careers Officer will be based within the Resources Centre when over at Fence Avenue.

Whilst in the Boys’ and Girls’ division, pupils will be given guidance on GCSE option choices, A Level choices, Work Experience and much more. If parents have any queries regarding the advice given to their son or daughter, the Careers Officer will be happy to discuss these.

In the Sixth Form, students are supported through their university application (UCAS) and given advice on how to plan gap years, work experience and work placements. Career guidance is crucial for the Sixth Form as the decisions they make within their two years here can significantly affect the next stages of their life. The Sixth Form offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to bolster students university applications, including a programme of university style lectures on a range of topics.

All students are actively encouraged to speak to the Careers Officer if they need any guidance, and we aim to support students in making the right choices and decisions for their future. Useful resources relating to career guidance can be found following the link below.