German Theatre Trip



Last Tuesday, the 15th of March, a group of curious Germanists attended the production ‘Kabale und Liebe’, staged by the German Society at the University of Manchester.

The King’s students led by Frau Houghton, Head of German, and the German assistant teacher Lisa Ostermaier, proceeded to the Contact Theatre after travelling to Manchester by train. The play itself was a modern version of Friedrich Schiller’s classical bourgeois tragedy: the tragic romance acted out between two High school students secretly in love. However, the play, true to its original, was mostly written in old-fashioned, sophisticated German. The English subtitles that were projected onto the back of the stage were therefore, at least at some points, very welcome! Even though the story ended in a tragedy the evening certainly did not, leaving behind a positive impression of a successful evening and a rewarding linguistic experience.

Julian Karrer, Y10