Songbirds and Cambiata Cartmel Trip



On the 21st of May, Songbirds (the Girls’ choir) and Cambiata (the Boys’ choir), travelled north to Cartmel, a medieval village in Cumbria, to perform a concert in the local Priory.

Along the way the groups stopped off at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to enjoy the many rides available, including the ever popular Big Dipper and Valhalla rides. The choirs then made their way up to the stunning Lake District to stay in a youth hostel where they would spend the night and eat their meals.

Having had a good night’s sleep the choirs were up and about. They stopped off at a climbing wall on their way to Cartmel, and were then busy rehearsing their songs for later that day. Once all that hard work was completed they were released upon the village and contented themselves exploring the nearby shops, of which the sweet shop was undoubtedly the most popular! After sampling the tasty treats on offer they made their way back to the Priory to perform their repertoire of songs to parents and locals. As a result of all that singing both groups were tired out but as they made their way back to the coaches there was the definite feeling of a job well done.

The choir finally arrived back at King’s at 8:30 PM and quickly made their way back home to prepare for another fascinating week at King’s. The concert raised £400 for the Priory, and Hope in North East Cheshire.

Zilpha Wood 9LB