EU Question Time Debate


On Friday, we welcomed local councillors and businessmen to King’s Sixth Form Centre to take part in our much anticipated EU Question Time Debate. It seems that you simply can’t escape the EU referendum in the news, and now it seems that King’s has also been swept up in the campaign fever.

Student Freddie Hayward expertly chaired the debate, posing thoughtful and challenging questions to our panel. The debate focused on three main areas: sovereignty, immigration, and the economy. The arguments focussed on facts and figures, and thankfully strayed away from any potential ‘scaremongering’.

Furthermore, questions were also asked by the floor. One student commented on how local businesses have almost been forgotten in the midst of the debate and inquired on how leaving, or staying, would affect us on a more personal level. Therefore, we took full advantage of the fact that our panellists were members of our local community, and hence gained a different perspective on the EU referendum, since its coverage usually focuses on its more widespread affects, rather than the effect on the everyday man on the street.

Unfortunately, many students at Kings won’t be able to cast their votes on the 23rd of June, since we aren’t yet 18. However, despite this error of circumstance, pupils across the years are still fully engaged in the EU debate. Further Question Time debates are due to take place as part of our own process, before the whole school goes to the polls internally at the same time as the rest of the nation. We will all be glued to our screens come Thursday night, as we wait to find out the results of the referendum, and witness what will be a monumental moment for our generation.

Thank you to our superb panellists for taking part:
Jim Howling (AstraZeneca)
Robert Bianchi (Arighi Bianchi)
Neil Puttick (Labour Councillor)
Rod Fletcher (Liberal Democrat Councillor)
George Hayes (Conservative Councillor)

Kate Marsh, Sixth Form student