EU Referendum Debate


On Monday 20th June the Girl’s Division Resource Centre was home to The King’s mock question time debate, following the professionals’ example the previous week on the soon approaching EU Referendum.

The Sixth Form Politics students have been grafting hard to organise two campaigns with help from fellow Year 10 enthusiasts, and with aid from this they produced an outstanding and passionate debate. Josh Clayfield, Year 10, chaired the debate starting it off with opening statements from both sides. Rory summarised the Remain campaign by emphasising the lack of economic improvement if we leave, making the move unbeneficial and therefore effecting us negatively in many other areas such as trade due to the fall in value of sterling. On the other hand Arian based his opening on the possible political advantages of departing the European Union such as having more control over the our borders.

This was followed up by Josh introducing subjects like sovereignty and immigration: vital factors in the decision at hand. Remain used examples of Norway to show how it is a great risk to leave as the country suffered a collapse after they did so. This was quickly picked up on by the Leave team who used the case study of Canada to prove how leaving can be done with many advantages, not forgetting we would still have the support of NATO.

Finally, members of the audience ranging from Years 7-10 interacted with the debate by asking their own questions to understand more about the topic.

None of this would have been possible without the dedicated politics teachers, Miss Christie and Mr Barker who have worked tirelessly on making the mock referendum come together successfully.

All that awaits us now is the poll on Thursday 23rd June to find out if the students at King’s believe we should remain or leave.

Ffyona Booker, Year 10