This year the German Department welcomes the addition of our new German Assistant, Rebecca Schmidt, from Leipzig. Rebecca writes here about her weekly break-time club for sixth formers:

In order to give our advanced level Germanists as much contact to the foreign language as possible, the German Department offers the Sixth Form students the opportunity to attend the weekly “Kaffeekränzchen” (coffee party). Here, students meet in an informal, yet linguistically-challenging environment. Alongside the Kaffee, Kuchen oder Keksen, students can utilise their German speaking skills by taking part in language games and discussion. The club offers on the one hand the chance to meet students from different year groups and on the other hand a welcoming opportunity to make use of the language skills gained in class. The contact with native speakers also ensures a true and original contact to the foreign language and celebrates the use of the German in a kind and accessible way. Students interested can participate every Monday, in R13.