T-REX walks into school!

Dinosaur Day infants

King’s Infant and Junior pupils walked with dinosaurs when ‘Sophie’ a seven year old Tyrannosaurus Rex strolled into the school’s Main Hall.

Modelled on puppets from the ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ live show, dynamic Sophie had a range of animatronic features and a realistic roar for a truly jaw dropping interactive learning experience.

The children learned that although Sophie could be trusted with them and had already eaten her lunch, that her name means “King of the Tyrant Lizards” in ancient Greek and that the T Rex could weigh up to 9 tonnes and was one of the most fearsome meat eaters of the Cretaceous age some 66 million years ago.

They roamed around what is now North America until wiped out in a giant asteroid strike, but over 50 skeletons have now been found, one still with soft tissue, from which biologists have determined their diet and life cycle also leading film makers to dream up Jurassic Park.

King’s Infant teacher Laura Marland said: “We were very lucky to have a T Rex visit our Reception classes this week.  You could feel the children’s excitement as the enormous Tyrannosaurus was lead in to the hall. The children watched in awe as she moved like a real dinosaur around the room. It brought the prehistoric world to life and it is an experience the children and staff will never forget.”

Sophie is pictured with King’s Infant pupils Daisy and Frankie.