Play transports audiences around the world

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King’s School Head of Drama Donald Forbes had a double take after casting the school’s fast-moving production of Around The World in Eighty Days.

The ripping yarn featuring up tight Englishman Phileas Fogg and his excitable batman Passpartout has thrilled audiences from the Victorian era to the modern day and the King’s version production copied the high energy productions recently seen in London and Manchester.

Donald said: “As the trip can be made in a couple of days now, a jaunt from Bombay to Hong Kong, Yokohama to San Francisco and back to London might seem commonplace to today’s adventurous teenagers, but Jules Verne’s story clearly still strikes chord as I had so many students wanting a part I had to cast it twice.”

He added: “The casts weren’t competitive with each other at all. They just wanted to do the best they could and if anything each cast learned from one another, watching each other in rehearsals and seeing what they could do better.”

It turned out to be a tour de force with first Dominic Corner and then Aarian Mehrabani as the haughty, disdainful and often confused Fogg, with Harry Wallace and Joe Hopewell providing the comic counterpoint with slapstick idiocy as Passpartout. Both the casts positively effervesced energy on four glorious nights to full houses, who were still transported by the travelogue as much as they were 140 years when it was originally penned by the maestro, Jules Verne.