Arabian Nights

The story began with the wedding of King Shahrayar played by Isobelle Kenyon. The king later found out that his beloved wife had betrayed him and he vowed to take revenge on all young women by marrying a new bride each day and having them executed the following morning. This went on for many months, with mothers secreting their daughters out of the kingdom, as King Shahrayer searched for new brides. One day, the eldest daughter of the King’s Vizir, played by Jenna Self, asked her father if she could be taken to the palace to marry the King. Reluctantly, he agreed, and the wedding took place. That night, the young wife, alias Stella Moss, seen here in the video extract, told him the first of her enticing stories called “Alibaba and the forty Thieves.” The King was enthralled, but also interested to hear more stories, so he cancelled the executioner. Each day, the wife’s younger sister, played by Anna Watson, requested a story, and so it went on for days and then months. Each of the stories proved exotic and interesting apart from that of Abu Hassan which was a comedy. He is remembered for his outrageously loud fart. Special mentions go to Kelly Washington as the beggar, Claudia Vincente for her dancing, Katie Fray for her impression of a horse and Kat Humphrey for being in so many stories. Girls from Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 performed in this remarkable series of tales. Congratulations must go to Mrs Thompson for producing Arabian Nights and Gordon Mounsey as director. The set was created by Mrs Richards, Mrs Campbell and a team of students. The choreography was done by Kate Hawker in Year 11. The cast played to a full audience on three nights. Well done to everyone involved.