The King’s School in Macclesfield is one of England’s great schools, with a reputation for delivering outstanding education for more than five centuries. King’s offers a stimulating and varied learning environment for bright, inquisitive children who seek to do well in life. We have a reputation not only for academic excellence, but for our broad education and nurturing environment, which produces happy, well rounded children.

We are a selective school and believe in stretching bright young minds through a curriculum that is designed to keep them involved, stimulated and eager to learn. We encourage initiative, a thirst for learning and celebrating success.

King’s is a ‘diamond school’. Boys and girls are educated together in the Infant and Junior Division. They are then taught separately from 11 to 16 before being re-united in the Sixth Form. We believe this offers the best of all worlds with pupils able to mix socially and for activities whilst experiencing a classroom environment where it is normal for boys and girls to excel in all subjects from arts to science and drama to languages.

We produce confident and self-motivated young people who are fully prepared for the challenges of the future. When they leave, they go on to study at the universities of their choice and excel in their chosen fields. Yet academic achievement is only part of the King’s experience. Our pupils can choose from an astounding range of extracurricular activities, from the more traditional sports like rugby, hockey and cricket to more modern ones like cheerleading, and from traditional societies like astronomy to innovative clubs such as killer maths, an exhausting array of opportunities awaits all pupils who join King’s. We positively encourage all our pupils to get involved in as wide a range of activities as possible, knowing that these interests teach young minds so much about life, themselves and others.

The King’s School is more than 500 years old and is privileged to have outstanding grounds and buildings. We are continuing to invest in our school – recently opening new sports facilities at our Fence Avenue site and planning a new Sports Centre at Cumberland Street. But what makes Kings truly special is our happy, friendly and welcoming community. Our nurturing and caring environment celebrates goodwill and our pupils learn to respect and value each other.  We believe that our pastoral care is unrivalled – we don’t just pay it lip service, we value it and know that our parents do too.  We also know that parents and visitors to the school can sense that it is a genuinely happy community because they regularly comment on it.