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      King’s is a school with extraordinary academic, pastoral, sporting, musical and artistic strengths. We are proud of our traditions and outstanding reputation, and we are also planning an exciting future, with our ‘2020 Vision’ to build a new school that will further enhance the quality of education we provide.

      There are many ways in which you can help support King’s. These include:

      • donating your time to give a talk to pupils about your profession or career. If you would like to do this, please contact
      • providing work experience placements for pupils in Years 10 - 13. Please contact
      • providing financial support for either our Bursary Fund or our Capital Fund, to improve facilities or help the building of our new school
      • sponsoring our events, we have a varied list of packages and options ranging from £50 to £3000 please click here for sponsorship opportunities. You can also contact for more information. 

      Financial support

      Donations – of all sizes – are gratefully received for either our Bursary Fund or our Capital Fund. There are various ways to give including regular giving, one-off donations and legacies in your will. Our ambitions plans can will only be realised with the generous support of former pupils, parents and friends of the school. If you would like more information about making a gift, please contact: Mr Jonathan Spencer Pickup, Director of Finance.

      Bursaries: transforming lives

      More than 500 years ago Sir John Percyvale, a former Lord Mayor of London, founded a school in his hometown of Macclesfield through an endowment upon his death. Through subsequent gifts and endowments, the school grew and became what is now known as The King’s School.

      We are proud to maintain one of the original objectives of the founders of the school: to offer a first class education to pupils irrespective of financial means. We do this through the provision of bursaries.

      It is due to the ongoing philanthropic giving of many of our former pupils, staff and parents that we are able to offer a number of means-tested bursary places each year.  However, the number of pupils applying for bursaries continues to outstrip the number of places that we are able to offer.

      Please consider supporting King’s in whatever way you can. Your support could make a huge difference to a child. 


      ‘Thank You’ from our bursary recipients

      King’s pupils not only receive the highest quality academic teaching, but also enjoy an unrivalled range of opportunities to become confident, well-rounded and successful individuals. The lives of our bursary holders are often changed beyond comparison by the generosity of our donors.  Here are the views of some of our bursary recipients, told in their own words:

      Lauren received a bursary to enable her to attend King’s Sixth Form. This is her story:

      “I would like to say a huge thank you to those who have donated to the Bursary Fund. Your kindness and generosity is very much appreciated. Over the last year I have had the chance to grow in confidence both in how I see myself and in my ability to tackle chosen A Level subjects. The support and focused environment of The King’s School has been of utmost importance to me in this progress. The bursary has given me stability and the chance to settle into studying knowing that, at King’s, I will continue to receive the best education available. I fully intend to make the most of it.  Thank you.


      Ellie received a bursary to attend the Girls’ Division and Sixth Form. She says:

      "I am really pleased to have had the opportunity to attend King’s. It was a very positive place to be and I enjoyed being taught by encouraging and inspirational teachers. King’s allowed me to discover the subjects of Latin and Classical Civilisation and I enjoyed these so much that I am going to Durham to read Classical Past, which would not have been possible had I not gone to King’s. I have now decided to contribute towards the Bursary Scheme through regular giving so that a student in the future might enjoy and get as much out of their time at King’s as I have done.”


      Kier received a bursary to attend King's and has since gone on to Oxford University: 

      "The Bursary Fund has allowed me to continue my schooling at King’s for another year. In particular, this year is a crucial one since I am taking my final exams and hope to take up my offer of a place at Oxford University to study Classics. It is due to the teaching staff here at King’s and, by extension, the bursary, that I have a place at all and in fact received offers from four of the five universities I applied for.  Without the bursary, I would have been forced to move schools once more and be thrust into another unfamiliar environment. Indeed, a new school is not a good place to be at the best of times, never mind at such a critical time as this.  I would like to thank the donors to the Bursary Fund for providing their own hard-earned money to allow me to go to King’s and continue my education in a reputable and academically sound establishment. I would like you to know that your generosity has benefitted me in more than just a financial capacity. Thank you."


      “I am incredibly thankful for the contributions made to the King’s Bursary Fund, which have made such a massive impact on my sixth form experience. I hope that our donors can understand just how thankful I am for their contribution, which has in many ways shaped my life. Had I not been granted a bursary I would not have been able to attend King’s, and my sixth form experience would have been incredibly different! I am so honoured to be going to King’s and I know I would not have had half the fun I’ve had at King’s if I had attended anywhere else. The bursary has made me really appreciate and make the most of my time at King’s. The care and attention we receive as pupils at King’s is second to none, whether it is for UCAS applications or to ensure we all get where we want in the future, our teachers are always willing to give up their time whenever we need it. I would like to thank our donors for their generous contributions, for which I am so grateful, and I hope they realise the difference it makes.”


      Capital Fund

      Thanks to the support of individual donors as well as our parents, we have recently made significant improvements to our facilities at both Fence Avenue and Cumberland Street. With your help, through the capital appeal fund, we can continue to invest in projects that will enhance the learning and extra-curricular experiences of our pupils.

      Our ambition now is to build an entirely new school at our Derby Fields site. If you would like more information about our plans or would like to talk to us about making a gift, please contact: Mr Jonathan Spencer Pickup, Director of Finance.


      Ways of Giving

      Regular donation: 

      Giving through a standing order on a monthly or annual basis is a simple and valuable way of making a donation.

      Single donation:

      By giving a one-off donation, you can support the bursary fund or the capital appeal fund. All donations, no matter their size, are gratefully received.

      Donation Form & Bank Mandate

      Gift Aid Donations:

      King’s is a charity and gifts in all forms are invaluable to King’s, but if you are a UK taxpayer, your cash gifts can be made via the Gift Aid Scheme. This means you can increase the value of your donation to us at no extra cost to you. The school can claim 25% tax from HM Revenue and Customs for every £1 donated. Furthermore, taxpayers who pay tax at the higher (40%) or additional (50%) rates can claim additional relief. Donations make a real difference to the Bursary Scheme.

      Legacy Giving:

      King’s was founded – and has continued to grow – through legacies and gifts from people who remember us in their will. Legacies are of enormous importance to the school and, should you consider leaving a legacy to us, will help to support the school for many years to come. Most people choose to allocate either a cash sum in their will or donate a percentage of their estate. Donating in this way could also reduce the taxable value of your assets, hence lowering the inheritance tax on your estate. Your legal advisor will help you with this but if you have not made a will yet, King’s can help. Please ring the Director of Finance on 01625 260000 for further details. You can also download a Legacy giving leaflet which contains more information.

      Legacy Giving

      Shares and other assets:

      A gift of shares, land, buildings or other assets can be a hugely tax-effective way of benefiting King’s, as the donor is given income tax relief for the full current market value of the shares or securities, and there is very favourable capital gains tax treatment too. For more information, please call the Director of Finance on 01625 260000.

      Corporate giving:

      You can make a donation through your company, which will be eligible for tax relief in the period in which the payment is made.

      Contact Us

      If you would like more information about making a donation, please contact Mr Jonathan Spencer Pickup, Director of Finance on 01625 260000.

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