The King's School in Macclesfield

      Welcome from the Principal

      It is my great privilege to welcome you to King's Girls, which has gained an amazing reputation for outstanding academic results, at the same time as supporting our girls and providing a happy, friendly and caring environment in which our girls flourish. You only need to speak to our girls to understand how happy and fond of the school they are - not to mention the enormous range of activities and opportunities in which they are engaged.

      We really do believe that we have the best of all worlds here: a Girls' School within a larger Foundation, where excellence and opportunities are to be found in abundance.

      King's Girls' Division is small - about 300 pupils, which means that the personal development of each girl is carefully nurtured in a supportive environment. However, King's is also a large school, with over 1200 pupils and a wealth of resources and expertise to draw on. The girls have unparalleled opportunities through clubs, societies, sports and joint activities with King's Boys. The School believes in all-round education and offers more than 100 clubs, societies, activities and sports.

      I would like to encourage you to come to our school to experience the very happy atmosphere and to appreciate our aspirations for the girls. We would like to share with you their achievements and the extensive opportunities they enjoy. King's girls and I believe that we are part of something very special and truly unique.

      Helen Broadley, Principal       

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