What Parents Say - The King's School Macclesfield provides an insight into what parents say about the school and the education provided to pupils.

What Parents Say

Parents tell us that King’s is “outstanding”

King’s regularly undertakes Parental Surveys to gauge levels of satisfaction with school provision and to identify any areas for improvement.

The most recent surveys were undertaken in 2012, 2015, 2018 and 2021. The most recent was an online survey completed by 46% of parents, which is an excellent response rate and represents the parental body well across all year groups from Pre-School to Sixth Form, and with an even split of boys’ and girls’ parents.

The results were collated and analysed by an independent research company, which was able to benchmark our data against a national data set for independent schools. Two detailed reports were prepared (one for the Infants & Juniors and another for the Senior divisions).

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ISI Inspection Report 2022

ISI Inspection 2022

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"Six years on, we remain delighted that we chose King's as the school for our children".

Junior parent

“We are delighted with the way in which King’s is enabling our children, each with their very different personalities, to thrive and be happy in their education.”

Infant & Junior parent

“The reason we were attracted to King’s was the equal importance it gave to academic achievement, pastoral care and personal development. We have not been disappointed!”

Year 7 parent

“When selecting a school for our four children, we looked at exam results but we also relied on our feeling for the school. All of our expectations have been exceeded and it is definitely the right place for all our children.”