Infants & Juniors (3-11yrs)


"Education should be a joyous journey of discovery: this is what we aim for here at King’s.

Education isn’t a race and we are all learning, all the time. We never underestimate the person in front of us.

I have great pleasure in welcoming you to King's Infants & Juniors, where we aim to give all our children the very best start and to prepare them for the future."

Mrs Rachel Cookson, Principal, Infants & Juniors

The King's ethos pervades all that we do and we are dedicated to creating a happy, secure and purposeful environment in which young children can flourish.

Our pupils have high aspirations, are encouraged to be curious and creative and most importantly to enjoy everything that school life has to offer. They are nurtured in small classes with inspirational teachers and together they create the very happy atmosphere for which King's is renowned.

Pupils enjoy a rich, varied and broad curriculum, benefiting from our wonderful facilities and award-winning King's Compass programme. Music, PE, Games, Languages, Swimming, Computing are all taught by specialists. We offer a strong, creative and integrated curriculum, to broaden young minds and fuel their curiosity, with strong pastoral care systems running like a golden thread through the whole school.  There is so much on offer that I would simply encourage you to come and see us; only then will you really get a feel for what makes our school truly unique and very special.

As an academically selective school pupils join us following an assessment. We want to be confident that if a child joins us, they are able to stay at King's until the end of Year 13. Pleasingly, the vast majority of our pupils progress in to the Senior Division at the start of Year 7: benefitting from the transition planning and onward journey that King's offers.

From the youngest age, pupils learn the importance of treating others with respect and consideration, irrespective of their abilities or cultural background.

king's parent

“If your child is fortunate enough to be offered a place at King's, do not hesitate to accept, the school is really outstanding”

king's parent

“Rachel Cookson is a real reflective practitioner. Warm and engaging, she has a genuinely inclusive approach and has a very strong grasp of the different learning needs children have. While obviously academically selective, this school is not hothousing pupils but nurturing them as young learners. ”

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