King's Compass



Our unique and award-winning 'King's Compass' programme was developed as an exciting addition to the school curriculum in EYFS, Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. It is our school commitment to outdoor education, pupils’ wellbeing and personal development for all. 

The programme embraces the research-based belief that children grow, learn and thrive when they are connected with the natural world. Both physical and mental health benefits are derived from spending time outdoors.

The King’s Compass curriculum programme is an ambitious step for the School as it unites the existing opportunities for adventure and extra-curricular learning, with our pupil wellbeing programme and our core curriculum teaching of key skills.

All pupils aged 3 – 12 at King’s receive regular King’s Compass lessons. Infant and Junior pupils have designated full days each term which focus on specific units of study underpinning National Curriculum objectives and our wellbeing programme. Senior pupils in Year 7 have dedicated outdoor learning sessions each week to focus on the principles of the programme. Beyond Year 7, pupils have designated days throughout the year to continue the skills-based knowledge acquisition and personal development of pupils.

King's Compass Programme

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