Senior Curriculum

ISI Inspection Report 2022

The King's School Main Entrance Right

We create a stimulating and exciting learning environment in which students aged 11 - 16 are challenged, supported and developed to reach their potential.

Years 7 - 9

All students follow a broad curriculum in Year 7, studying 18 subjects including Critical Thinking and King's Compass (our programme for character and personal development). Pupils experience each of the four languages that we offer (French, German, Latin and Spanish), studying each for a half term before deciding which two they would like to continue. 

From Year 8, pupils are put into sets for the core subjects of Maths and English. Pupils continue with two languages from the four studied in Year 7, plus all four creative subjects (Art, Drama, Music and Design Technology).

From Year 9 onwards, pupils continue with English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Religion & Philosophy, Games, PSHE and ICT, plus two languages, three sciences (separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics), plus pupils also choose two creative subjects from the following four options: Art, Music, Design Technology and Drama.

All students are encouraged to access our Challenge & Enrichment programme, which is designed to stretch and challenge their learning across all curriculum areas.

Years 10 & 11

In Year 10, GCSE courses commence. Pupils typically select 10 GCSE courses to be studied during Years 10 and 11. All pupils continue with Mathematics, English Language, English Literature and must study one language (Latin, French, German or Spanish). Science is taken as three separate subjects (Biology, Physics, Chemistry) by the vast majority of pupils although some will study 'Dual Science' (components of all three but results in two GCSE grades). From the option blocks, pupils then select  four more subjects to be studied. These choices are made from the following list: Art & Design, Design Technology, Drama, Computing, Creative iMedia, Geography, History, Latin, French/German/Spanish, Music, PE, Religion & Philosophy. In addition, we retain King's Compass (incorporating PSHE) and Games in the curriculum for all pupils.


Senior School Taster Day

Friday 28 June - 9am-3pm

Children are invited to spend the day in our senior school, to experience lessons and find out what it is like to be a student at King's.