Swimming at King's is currently taught to all pupils from the Reception class up to Year 9. Pupils swim weekly in the Infant & Junior Division and then, in Seniors, swim as part of the PE curriculum. All use our heated 25m six-lane on-site pool.

Our aim is to give each pupil a positive swimming experience with a view to encouraging competence and fostering a lifelong involvement in the activity.

Swimming is an important life skill and can help contribute to health, fitness and well-being. Swimmers are encouraged to consider the range of water sports and recreational activities available to a competent swimmer. 

Life Saving and Survival Skills are part of the programme and pupils are taught to respect the swimming environment and consider their safety and the safety of others when in and around open water and supervised pool situations.

Competitive swimming opportunities are provided for all pupils via House Swimming Galas and stronger performers are given the opportunity to compete in inter-school galas and competitions. King's has had success in the AJIS swimming competitions and local inter-school competitions in recent years.