King's Appoints New School Captains

King's School Captains 2021-22

The six strong team of two School Captains and four Vice-Captains has a number of new leadership responsibilities at the fully co-educational School.

The additional responsibility has not been lost on new School Captain Lottie Dennett, who represents King's at hockey and pistol shooting and is even a member of the new Frisbee club. Lottie, from Glossop, who is studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology and wants to read Veterinary Science at university, said: "I'm very passionate about the school so I'd love to encourage others to see school life the same way that I do. I'd also like to take advantage of being a one site school to bring older and younger years together to encourage an even stronger sense of community."

Lottie was happy with the support she received during a difficult 18 months: "With the Covid restrictions of last year, I – like a lot of pupils - really missed the social side and sporting aspect of school, and I am thoroughly looking forward to this year and getting back to a full sporting programme and also different year groups being able to mix with each other."

Her joint School Captain Charlie Oakes, from Prestbury who is studying Geography, History and English in the Sixth Form with a view to reading Geography at either Durham or St. Andrews, added: "I think the move to co-education, in conjunction with the new site has brought everyone together in one place and this has enhanced relationships. Now we are free of restrictions, we can finally start to make the most of the new site, which I feel really proud, and increase community usage of the amazing facilities."

Charlie, who is a keen golfer, skier and is part of King's scuba diving programme, continued: "I think the family community that the school has, along with the relationship between the teachers and students, creates a really inviting and warm atmosphere. I have been at King's since the Reception class and I am still friendly with my Reception teachers. This family-like community is really unique and makes the school stand apart from the rest."

One of the team of four Vice-Captains, Tom Willshaw, from Leek, who is taking Biology, Chemistry and Psychology A Levels and wants to study Medicine with a view to ultimately joining the Royal Navy, took up the theme: "I want to bring my approachability to the role, to set an example to the younger years. I really think that communication is key and making sure younger pupils have a voice and the opportunity to be heard and listened to. It's important for them to know that they have the power to change things if they are committed; I think this will help them develop invaluable life skills and encourage them to play a more active role in the school environment."

A Macclesfield Harrier athlete, guitarist and Gold Duke of Edinburgh participant, Tom is pleased the school is now fully co-educational: "I really enjoyed my time at the old boys’ site, I loved the overall atmosphere and I think it played a huge role in making me who I am today. However, times are changing and as the world becomes more egalitarian, I think it is necessary for the school to move away from the archaic single-sex system and look further into the future with the new co-educational structure."

Talented hockey player and academic Isabel Moores, from Rainow who is studying Geography, Economics and Psychology at A Level and wants to study Law at university agreed that a fully co-educational structure was better for all: "I think co-education brings a lot of benefits to the school. It will allow boys and girls to have equal experiences and is perfect preparation for university and later life. I am keen to encourage younger pupils to fully exploit all the opportunities at King’s, to have fun and get the most out of their time here."

Fellow Vice-Captain Nohan Alias, another with an ambition to become a military doctor, noted the importance of setting an example: "We should lead the school and set an example." The talented all-round sportsman added: "It is important to create an equal and diverse community and represent the student voice to make sure their reasonable wishes are helped to be put forward."

Trinity Mack, from Rainow, who makes up the quartet of Vice-Captains added: "Following the divide created by the pandemic, I think this new school year poses a brilliant opportunity to unify the school and unify pupil voice, and I believe the School Captains should be integral to bridging the gap between pupils and teachers and ensuring pupil voice is conveyed." Trinity, who is studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A Level and wants to read Biochemistry at university, is an accomplished charity open water swimmer and long distance runner. She summed up the feelings about King's: "The most unique thing about King's is the sense of community. There is an extremely welcoming environment at King's created by the excellent pastoral care, the approachable teachers and the friendly pupils."

Mr Slack, Head of Foundation, commented, “The King’s ethos puts personal development at the heart of our community.  We seek to equip young people with the character and skills necessary to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. We have a proud tradition of educating the leaders of tomorrow and these six committed and hardworking young people are the latest in a long line. I look forward to working with them in the coming academic year and making a positive difference to our whole community.”