The Lionel Bart classic depicting the good, the bad and the ugly of Dickensian low life was revitalised for a new generation of Year 6 thespians.

Gripping from start to finish, it featured some of the British musical theatre's most lovable rogues and despicable villains, bringing both laughter and tears to packed audiences over two glorious nights.

Jack Tomlinson as Oliver was breathtakingly innocent and endearing, and a perfect foil to James Whittle's Dodger, a truecrafty cockney full of energy and effervescent stage presence. Sofia Sherratt, as the mystical miser Fagin was impressively charismatic, leading the pick-pockets with authority and charm. William Taberner's Mr Bumble was pompous and forthright, forming a word-perfect comic duo with Martha Thomas as the ever-demanding and bossy Widow Corney. Sophie Evans, as Nancy, provided feminine beauty, consideration and strength, but was powerless in the face of George Kinsey's manic Bill Sykes, who could have given Phil Mitchell a run for his money, even on a bad day.

The dedicated ensemble consisted of numerous characters such as ‘Fagin’s Gang’, Policemen, Maids, the Bookseller, Market sellers and Bystanders alongside the Year 6 chorus, who all wowed the audience with their tuneful singing and polished dance routines.

The Year 6 musical is always a tour de force with 72 pupils on stage and singing rehearsals starting in January, when the show is first cast. The packed audience included parents, family and friends, as well as special guests from the local care home, Upton Grange, who sang along to all the well-known songs.

It was Miss Costanda's 15th Year 6 show, and the fifth for King's Head of Infant & Junior Division Music, Paul Vowles. Soulla would also like to thank AV expert Simon Leah, for sound and lighting; Vicki Atkins for her superb set design and Donna Spivey from Spivey's Web for her fabulous costumes and props.

Pictured are

1, Jack Tomlinson as Oliver.,

2, Standing from left to right are Sofia Sherratt, James Whittle, William Taberner, Martha Thomas and George Kinsey. Seated are Jack Tomlinson and Sophie Evans.