Top results were scored by Macclesfield maths aficionado Nidhi Garisa, 12, who was best in school and now goes to the next stage of the UK Mathematical Association's Mathematics Olympiad. Nidhi, who ultimately wants to be a computer scientist, said: "Maths is eye opening, revealing the patterns that proliferate in the natural world. It's fascinating and exciting."

Gold medalist Harry Unsworth, 12, had his eye on the future, "It leads to so many different career paths, accountancy, medicine, management."

While young philosopher Lily Hardcastle, 12, added: "It's a universal language that can be understood by all people and leads to better solutions for tomorrow's children."

King's Maths teacher Gareth Robinson said: "Our Year 7 and 8 pupils have produced a very impressive set of results in a national competition that does much to enthuse and inspire the next generation." 

Other Gold medalists were Thomas Wolff, Cora Common, Fredrick Finnie, Matilda Fox, Rico Huang, Benjamin Hughes, Junli Zhu Harris, Alexandra Taylor, Haider Ahmad, Esme Bradley, James Cresswell, Thomas Dyer, Benjamin Foxon, Evelyn Hannah, Jack Hutchins, Benjamin Hutchinson, Charlie Matthews, Lacey Quinn and Naina Vasireddy.

Nidhi is pictured seated (right) with fellow Gold medallist Lily Hardcastle (left) and some of the other Gold award winners.