St John's pupils win the Primary Maths Challenge

Teams from Macclesfield’s local primary schools, each consisting of four super-fast thinkers, competed using not only maths skills but also teamwork to solve a series of complicated mathematical rounds.

In second place were Upton Priory and in third place were Marlborough. There were only a couple of points between the leading schools, with a tie-break question putting St John The Evangelist in pole position. However, as King's Head of Mathematics Mr Tim Jones said, "We think everyone was a winner. There were some incredibly strong performances from all the schools, across four very different and very challenging papers."

The other schools taking part in what has become a key day in the King's School's calendar were: Alderley Edge Community Primary, Rainow Primary, Bollington St. Johns, and Mobberley.

Mr Jones added: "We want to create a buzz of excitement about learning Maths by introducing that element of competition which the children love. We want them to see how Maths works in a high school setting and show them that it can be such great fun.”

"These are tomorrow's leaders and across a complete spectrum of modern life we need people who will be equipped with problem-solving and teamworking skills."

"It is always a great day for the King’s Maths Department; working with such sharp and receptive young minds is always an absolute delight. Our objective is to try and build the students love of Maths and problem-solving and to offer an opportunity to extend and challenge some of the brightest local young mathematicians.”

Here is one of the questions: A hare travels at 36 km per hour. How many metres does it travel in five minutes. The answer, and please show your workings, is 3,000 metres.

Pictured from left to right are pupils from Marlborough, Upton Priory and St. John the Evangelist.