Students celebrate excellent GCSE achievements

Pupils, parents and staff were celebrating an outstanding set of GCSE achievements today. There were smiles all round for the Year 11 cohort, who achieved stunning results against a national backdrop of a disrupted education and uncertainty around examinations content.

With a set of results that are up on 2019 (pre-Covid) levels, 40% of all grades are 9/8 grade (A*) and 63% of all grades are 9-7 (A*/A). More impressive, is the fact that HALF of all pupils in the cohort got at least 9 grades at the highest 9-7 (A*/A).

Pictured left are: superstar netball player, coach and umpire Madi Baxter, who achieved a stunning 11 grade 9s and will now study Maths, Chemistry, Biology & Psychology in King's Sixth Form; Silver DoE Award holder Ben Shone who achieved 10 grade 9s and an 8, and will study Chemistry, Physics, Maths & Further Maths in King's Sixth Form; England Netball U17 player and flautist Lydia Hine, who achieved 8 grade 9s and 2 grade 8s and will study A Level Biology, Chemistry, Geography & Psychology at King's; School Captain and break-dancer Aaryaa Premanand, who aced 11 straight grade 9s and will study Maths, Further Maths, Physics & Economics in King's Sixth Form; and Annie Smedley who achieved 9 grade 9s plus a 7, will study Biology, Chemistry & Psychology at King's before studying Medicine at university.

Pictured are more delighted students (from left): Chris Drake achieved a string of 9-7 grades and will study Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Computing in King's Sixth Form; Imogen Vernon also achieved a string of 9-7 grades and will now study Latin, Maths, Physics & Chemistry at King's; rugby Cheshire Cup winner and national trampoline title holder Ollie Jones aced his GCSE with all 9-7 grades and will now go through to King's Sixth Form to study Maths, FMaths, Physics & Chemistry; Sophie Fletcher who has just trialled for England Hockey, achieved a stunning set of 9/8 grades and will now study Biology, Chemistry & Psychology before heading off to study Medicine; Silver DoE Award holder Ellie Shaw achieved all 9-7s and will now study English, Politics & French in King's Sixth Form before studying Law; and talented musician Fraser Day also achieved all 9-6 grades and will now join King's Sixth Form.

King's Head of Foundation, Jason Slack, heralded his GCSE students as world-beaters. "To produce such a stunning set of results with everything that has been thrown at them is nothing short of amazing," he said. "Now that we are back to normal schooling, people forget that this cohort started their courses in the middle of the COVID pandemic. Not only did they have to work on-line at home, but there was quite a lot of confusion among the exam boards about what was on the curriculum. This group has shown not only fabulous academic talent, but wonderful resilience, emotional resolve and strong character. They are going to be world beaters."

Macclesfield twins Muna and Janu Onunekwu were also celebrating fabulous, almost identical results. Dedicated voluntary worker Muna got three 9s, three 8s and three 7s, narrowly surpassing her twin who got nine 9-7s As. said: "We supported each other and wanted each other to do well." First XV rugby player and Taekwondo star Janu added: "Muna did a lot more work and deserves to have done slightly better, but I'm not jealous at all. We are just very happy for each other, after all we spent so much time together revising we feel like we were in it together." Both Muna and Janu will study  Biology, Chemistry and Physics in King's Sixth Form and both want to follow their parents into medicine. 



Pictured left are champion athlete Thomas Danson who achieved all 9-7s and will now study Economics, Maths & Computer Science at King's; Kate Hartnett, who achieved all 9-6s and will study Maths, Economics & English Literature at King's; Vismaya Aji who achieved all 9-6s and will study Biology, Chemistry & Psychology in King's Sixth Form and hopes to study Medicine at university; and Shabd Shrivastava who got all 9-7s and will stay at King's to study A levels in Physics, Maths, Further Maths & Chemistry.






Pictured (left) are Duke of Edinburgh award holder Thomas Clennell, who got three 9s, one 8, two 7s and three 6s and will read Art, English Literature, and Religion & Philosophy in King's Sixth Form aiming to progress to either Law or Architecture at university; Lucy Bambrook, got two 9s, six 8s and two 7s and wants to become a doctor first taking Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at A Level; Benjamin Martin, who got three 9s, two eights, three 7s and two 6s and will take Economics, Politics and History at A Level; and clarinet player and Duke of Edinburgh award holder Rebecca Doyle, who got four 9s, three 8s, three 7s and a six and wants to read Law after A Levels in Politics, English Language and Psychology in King's Sixth Form.




Pictured (left) are Hugo Duckworth, who got two 9s, an 8, five 7s and a six and will now take an apprenticeship; volunteer librarian and Duke of Edinburgh award holder Poppy Robinson, who got six 9s, one 8, two 7s and a starred distinction and will now study Business, Religious Studies and History A Levels in King’s Sixth Form with a view to reading Law at university; Emily Ancell, who got seven 9s, one 8 and three 7s and will take History, Politics and Economics in King's Sixth Form again aiming to read Law; County rugby player Solomon Lever, who got two 9s, three 8s, two 7s and two 6s and will read Economics, Government and Politics, Religion and Philosophy at A Level in the King's Sixth Form; violinist and mountain climber Cicely Homer, got two 9s, two 8s, two 7s and four 6s and wants to read English Literature, Psychology and Religion & Politics at King’s and is aiming to become an investigative journalist.



Pictured (left) are cricketer and musician Jenny Wallace, who got four 9s, five 8s and two 7s and after studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science wants to read Engineering at university; First team rugby player Christian Tattum, got three 8s, six 7s and one 6 and will read History, Business and Economics in King’s Sixth Form; and brilliant England Netball U17 star and talented flautist Lydia Hine, who got a stunning eight 9s, two 8s and a six and will study Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Psychology at A Level.



Cricketer and hockey player Oliver Sapey got one 9, five 8s, four 7s and one 5 and will study Maths, Physics and Economics A Levels in King’s Sixth Form, intending to read Law at university. Taekwondo aficionado Henrietta Clay got six 9s, one 8 and three 7s and will read Religious Studies, Spanish and English Literature again wanting to read Law. Duke of Edinburgh award candidate Emily Currie got one 9, four eights and five 7s and will take Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at A Level. Choral singer and hockey player Sophie Heslip got three 9s, two 8s, four 7s and one six and will read Biology, English Literature and Psychology in King's Sixth Form. Year 11 Head Girl Iona Whaley got two 9s, three 8s, three 7s and two 6s and will read Biology, Chemistry and Psychology with a view to studying Medicine. While Harrison Court got four 9s, two 8s and four 7s and will take Physics, Spanish and Computer Science and says he wants to be a games designer.