Media Expert Maddie Returns to King's

Brilliant young business innovator Maddie Coutts returned to King's to tell current pupils about life in the digital fast lane.

Only 27-years-old, Maddie who left King's in 2013, is now Head of New Business for Fifty Digital, a trend-setting social media strategist based in London. Working with blue chip governing bodies, brands and stars primarily in the sports sector including Qatar Airways, Word Athletics, the Ferrari drivers and David Beckham, Fifty Digital access a worldwide market in the billions.

Maddie, who now lives in Fulham but whose family continue to live in Bramhall, returned to her former school to talk to current pupils about the revolution in marketing. "Five years ago social media wasn't even a component on my Business Studies degree, but is now seen as an essential element of corporate strategy. Over the pandemic our clients have not been able to market themselves at live events and have come to focus more and more on social media strategies to get their message across. We have seen a rapid increase in business and it is those companies that anticipate and use the next stage of this revolution that will flourish. "

Maddie, who was captain of King's hockey team and first saw her career path when she worked at Wimbledon for IBM during her year in industry while at Leeds University, added: "My advice is to immerse yourself in social media and all the new platforms. Market yourself on each platform and use all the tools on every different app."

Maddie, who was talking as one of King's alumni guest speakers in a series of lectures about today's working world, added that it was exciting to be at the vanguard of a rapidly evolving industry. "There are many roles across the sector from profiling a target market, to technical development, sales and corporate strategy and it is an area of business that we feel can only expand."

Maddie said: "I loved my life at King's and it gave me the passion for both business and sports that I am using in my career today."

Caroline Foster, King's Careers Officer, who organised the event, said: "It's very exciting for today's students to talk to a successful young woman who was in their own shoes only a few years ago and is now very much at the forefront of an exciting, contemporary business.

"King's is very grateful to Maddie and her colleague, Fifty Digital Account Manager Sarah Lopman, for travelling up to Macclesfield to give us a personal account of the digital revolution and inspire our pupils." 

Photo: Maddie Coutts (left) speaks to King’s pupils about her role as Media Strategist for a sports marketing company with colleague Sarah Lopman (right).